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2017-18trainingtshirt   2017-18 Adidas Eclipse Select Training Shirts
2018-19adidastrainingshirt   2018-19 Adidas Eclipse Select Dri-Fit Training Shirts (2 shirts Mandatory for each player)
2019-20adidastrainingshirt   2019-20 adidas Eclipse Select Dri-Fit Training Shirts (2 shirts Mandatory for each player)
adiadastiro15rnjacket   Adiada Tiro15 Rain Jacket
adidascoachhoody2016   Adidas 1/4 Zip Hoody
3/4pant   Adidas 3/4 Pant
adidasblackHoody   Adidas BLACK Hooded Sweatshirt
adidasblacktrainingtop   Adidas Black Short Sleeve Training Top
adidastrainingjacket   Adidas ClimaCool Training Jacket
adidasclimacoolpant   Adidas ClimaCool Training Pant
adidasbeanie2019   Adidas ClimaWarm Leverage Beanie 2019
adidasshort1   Adidas Coach Short
drifithoodynewdesign   Adidas DRI FIT Hooded Sweatshirt 2015 Design
adidasfittedgreytop   Adidas Dri-Fit Grey Top
adidasfieldplayergloves   Adidas Field Player Gloves
adidasfleecetop   Adidas Fleece 1/2 Zip
adidasgreyhoody2015design   Adidas Grey Hoody 2015 Design
greylongsleevetop   Adidas Grey Long Sleeve TShirt
adidashoodynewdesign2015   Adidas Hoody 2015 Design
adidaslongsleevetop   Adidas Long Sleeve Top
adidaspolo   Adidas Polo Shirt
adidaspolowhite   Adidas Polo- White
rainjacket   Adidas Rain Jacket
adidasrainpant   Adidas Rain Pant
shinguard   Adidas Shin Guard
adidasshortsleevetop   Adidas Short Sleeve Top
adidasstadiumjacket   Adidas Stadium Jacket
2015adidassweatpant   Adidas Sweatpant 2015
adidasthermalpullover   Adidas Thermal Pullover
adidasshort2   Adidas Training Short
adidastrainingtop   Adidas Training Top
adidaswhitetrainingtop   Adidas White Training Top
aashirt   American Apparel Fitted Tee
onesies   Baby Onesies
baseballcap   Baseball Cap
baseballtee   Baseball Tee
BlueTieDyeSoffe   Blue Tie Dye Soffe Shorts with Eclipse Select Logo on front leg
BreastCancerHoody   Breast Cancer Support Hooded Sweatshirt
BreastCancerSweatpants   Breast Cancer Support Sweatpants
carmagnet   Car Magnet
CCadidashoody   Challenge Cup Adidas Hoody
CClongsleevesapphire   Challenge Cup Adidas Long Sleeve Sapphire Blue T-shirt
CCshortsleevehotpink   Challenge Cup Adidas Short Sleeve Hot Pink T-Shirt
CCneonhoody   Challenge Cup NEON Hooded Sweatshirt
CCtiedyetshirt   Challenge Cup NEON Tie-Dye Short Sleeve T-shirt
ColoredTShirts   Colored T-Shirts
headband   Cotton Headband
crewnecksweatshirt   Crewneck Sweatshirt
capri   Crop Yoga Pant
drifitshirt   Dri Fit Wickening Top
cardecal   Eclipse Select Car Decal
scarf   Eclipse Select Scarf
sweatpants   Eclipse Select Sweatpants
flannelpant   Flannel Pants
blanket   Fleece Blanket
lawnchair   Folding Lawn Chair
foldingumbrella   Folding Umbrella
fullziphoody   Full Zip Hooded Sweatshirt
fullziplighthoody   Full Zip Jersey Hooded Top
gelsleeve   Gel Sleeve- Hot/Cold Therapy- VARIOUS Sizes
keychain   Key Chain
veeneckgrey   Ladies Vee Neck Fitted Tee
longsleevecoloredtshirt   Long Sleeve Colored T-Shirt
magnet   Magnet
neonhoody   Neon Hoody
neonrunningshortblue   Neon Running Short Blue
neonrunningshortpink   Neon Running Short Pink
OpenBottomSweatpants   Open Bottom Sweatpants
pen   Pen
yardsign   Personalized Yard Sign
pinkfolder   Pink Folder
pinkheadband   Pink Headband
pinknotebook   Pink Notebook
pinksoffeshorts   Pink Soffe Shorts
pinktshirt   Pink T-Shirt
fleeceheadband   Polar Fleece Winter Headband
runningshortneon   Running Short Neon
runningshort   Running Shorts
stringbackpack   Soccer Drawstring Backpack
SoffeShorts   Soffe Shorts with Eclipse Select Logo on front leg
notebook   Sprial Notebook
springclassicshortsleeve   Spring Classic Adidas Short Sleeve Sky Blue T-Shirt
springclassicadidasblackhoody   Spring Classic Black Adidas Hooded Sweatshirt
SCcrewneck   Spring Classic Black Crewneck Sweatshirt
springclassicsweatpant   Spring Classic Black Sweatpant
springclassiclongsleeveadidas   Spring Classic Long Sleeve Black Adidas T-Shirt
springclassiclongsleevetiedye   Spring Classic Long Sleeve Neon Tie-Dye T-Shirt
SCtiedyehoody   Spring Classic Rainbow Tie-Dye Hooded Sweatshirt
SCtiedyehoody2017   Spring Classic Rainbow Tie-Dye Hoody
SCtiedye   Spring Classic Rainbow Tie-Dye Short Sleeve T-Shirt
SCrunningshort   Spring Classic Running Short
SCshortsleevetshirt-   Spring Classic Short Sleeve Adidas Light Blue T-Shirt
tanktop   Tank Top
TEST123   Test Product
TieDyeFullZipHoodie   Tie Dye Full Zip Hoodie
rainbowsoffe   Tie Dye Rainbow Soffe Shorts
TieDyeTankTop   Tie Dye Tank Top
TieDyeLongSleeve   Tie-Dye T-Shirt: Long Sleeve
TieDyeShortSleeve   Tie-Dye T-Shirt: Short Sleeve
tiedyehoody   TieDye Hooded Sweatshirt
torexanklepro   Torex Ankle Pro
folder   Translucent Folder
coffeemug   Travel Coffee Mug
uniforms   Uniforms- Eurosport Site
vnecktee   V-Neck Tissue Tee
winterhat   Winter Hat
yogapants   Yoga Pants
YouthHoodie   Youth & Adult Size Hooded Sweatshirt
zebrarunningshort   Zebra Print Running Short

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